Saturday Workshops

Venue: Kadampa Meditation Centre Fraser Valley
Unit 106 – 31581 South Fraser Way
Abbotsford, B.C.

Breaking Bad Habits

Saturday, January 20, 10am – 12:30pm

This short workshop will present powerful meditations for developing a more positive approach to daily life.  Learn how bad habits come from negative thought patterns and how they can definitely be changed with meditation.

$20 (free for Centre Card holders).

A Daily Practice

Saturday, February 3, 10am-12:30pm

Gen Delek will explain how to start a daily practice, the key to making progress in meditation. We will have a chance to learn about Heart Jewel prayers, a much-loved practice of modern day Kadampa Buddhists.  These prayers help us to deepen our practice and increase the insights we gain from meditation.

$20 (free for Centre Card holders).

Bringing Love into Your Heart

Saturday, February 10, 10am-12:30pm

For happiness, fulfillment, and a meaningful life, love is the answer! Buddha was an expert on this topic; come and benefit from his ancient wisdom in this morning workshop.

$20 (free for Centre Card holders).


Saturday, March 17, 10am-12:30pm

Many of us hold anger in our hearts either because we blame others for harming us, or ourselves for our mistakes.  However, this way of thinking and these negative feelings only destroy our inner peace.  Learn how to acknowledge and then let go of past hurts.

$20 (free for Centre Card holders).

Introduction to Tantra

Saturday, April 21, 10am-12:30pm

Sutra teachings are Buddha’s public teachings where he encourages us to attain enlightenment. In his Tantric teachings, his esoteric teachings, we are given a clear vision of what enlightenment is and special tools to accomplish this sublime state swiftly. In Kadampa Buddhism, we practice the union of Sutra and Tantra.  In this workshop, Gen Delek will demystify the practice of Tantra and show us how to integrate it into our other meditation practices. This workshop will be helpful for those wishing to attend the International NKT Summer Festival this year.

$20 (free for Centre Card holders).