Meditation for Everyone

This class is finished until September.  Please check back in the Fall.

Teacher: Kelsang Chenma

Meditation is a powerful method to improve the capacity of our mind, learning to think with the heart and improve all our good qualities while letting go of the bad.  All our classes are drop in and everyone is welcome regardless of experience. Titles for upcoming classes are often grouped in sets of four or five, but each class is drop in and self contained. Titles suggest the focus of a given class, but instructions on meditation and how to apply these practically in our daily life form a central part of each class.

Upcoming Classes

May 10 Balancing our unbalanced mind

May 17 How is love possible without pain?

May 24 Who are you, where are you? Will the real you please stand up!

May  31  Identifying and understanding our deadliest enemy

June 7  Steps to overcoming our deadliest enemy

June 14 Becoming a friend to the world

Class Rates:
$10 per class | $40 for 5 classes |

Discounted rates available for hardship on request |

Free for Centre Card holders

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