Kadampa Buddhism features three different levels of study which we call General Program, Foundation Program and Teacher Training Program. These are mainly distinguished by the amount of structured study one wants to do!

GENERAL PROGRAM involves the least structure.  All of our drop in classes and most of our Saturday day courses and retreats are at this level. Generally the teachings at a given class are self contained and anyone with genuine interest would find practical advice and meditation practices that would benefit them in their day to day life.

FOUNDATION PROGRAM involves a structured study program of Buddha’s Teachings as presented within Kadampa Buddhism.  Generally participants register for a year at a time and studies one of six books. It is somewhat like taking a reasonably demanding but very practical course at a university or college.

TEACHER TRAINING program is for those who have a genuine wish to become Kadampa Buddhist Teachers or a sincere wish to deeply study Buddha’s teachings. To register in Teacher Training Program, one must have or intend to receive at the next opportunity Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments of Heruka and Vajrayogini, commit to engaging in various retreats, and study year by year all the books of the Foundation Program as well as an additional five books designated for the Teacher Training Program.

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